Si3216: Wideband SLIC+CODEC

Si3216: Wideband SLIC+CODEC. In addition of very successful 1 and 2 channels SLIC+CODEC Si3210/Si3220 we introduce new integrated SLIC+CODEC VoIP (Voice over IP) applications:

  • 16-bits audio high audio in broadband (50 Hz - 7.0 kHz) or limited band (200 Hz - 3.4 kHz) for high quality sound. Hear the diffrence: limited band or broadband
  • Integrated DC-DC converter insuring system power 3.3V or 5V
  • Integrated 5 REN programmable internal ringing up to 90 VPK
  • DTMF and FSK (caller ID)
  • Ideal for customer premise equipment applications
  • Software programmable features and parameters.
  • Applications: VoIP, VoB, ISDN, Ethernet, USB adapters, PBX/IP-PBX phone systems
  • 38-pin TSSOP